About Us

Since 1997 Nautical Steel have been manufacturing and installing specialized wire rope assemblies for architecture, shop fitting and industry.
We supply wire rope assemblies for a wide range of industries and our services include the making up of wire rope assemblies typically from 1mm to 10mm diameter predominantly in 316 stainless steel. We stock a full range of swage fittings such as swage studs, swage forks, swage eyes, and stoppers for diameters 1 – 10mm as well as all types of rigging screws. In addition we have a large selection of tensioning devices specifically designed for architectural applications which provide clean aesthetically appealing solutions for tensioning of wire rope assemblies whether for ballustrading or exposed roof trusses, suspension bridges or signage elements.
Our experience ranges from the most up market houses in Southern Africa, to the aeronautical industry, to retail displays and signage, to numerous applications in industry.
No matter what the project, if it involves swaging of terminals to wire rope, we have the products and the solutions for any design. Furthermore we are often called upon to manufacture custom swage fittings for specific needs to customer specifications. All our swaging is done according to Lloyds approved specifications with swage dies and machines from approved manufacturers.